FOUNDERMADE Beauty Event, 2015

Branding, marketing collateral and special projects for FOUNDERMADE, a company that hosts curated events for emerging and established entrepreneurs.

Use of lip graphic, invitation pattern, and "Beauty" script at the FounderMade Beauty event on September 29, 2015, at Seaport Studios in Manhattan.

Photographs property of FounderMade; click for source


Watercolor; Photoshop and InDesign

One Pager Layout, Illustration, and Design

Illustrated Pattern 

For use on event invitation, website, and custom merchandise tags.

Watercolor; Photoshop and InDesign

"Beauty" Lettering Options

Pen ink; watercolor; Photoshop

Rose Bottle Graphic

Pen ink; Photoshop

Lip Graphic

Watercolor; Photoshop

Lip Bright.png